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Jaeger Oil & Chemical Co Ltd (hereinafter called “the Jaeger Group”) focuses on the production, R & D and distribution of special industrial lubricants. With the mission to support the industrial development of the PRC, the Group grasps the industrial development trend and devotes to introduce contemporary lubrication technology for its target customers. Backed up by business partners in Europe and the US with advanced lubrication technology, the Group provides quality lubrication products to the China industrial market with its utmost effort and a firm basis.

The Jaeger Group, formerly known as Chi Tat Hong, was established in 1976, renamed to Jaeger Oil & Chemical Co., Ltd in 1984. The Group was acquired by Minmetals Group in 1997, and was acquired in 2009 by a large conglomerate merger which expands in line with Jaeger’s diversified development in the Greater China. The Headquarter of the Jaeger Group is located in Hong Kong. It oversees the Group’s overall management, financial and administrative affairs. With its manufacturing plant and logistics centre in Guangzhou, the Group has its offices in major Mainland industrial cities. Its distribution network covers all over China and the Southeast Asia.
The Jaeger Group’s products mainly consist of specialty lubricants, with broad varieties and extensive applications. They are suitable for use in the industries of metal working, automotive manufacturing, communication equipments, electronics assembly, precision machining, plastics mould injection, die-casting, aerospace manufacturing, steel milling, and textile, etc. The Group has strict control over its product quality and the production process. It is the first in the field to attain the certification of SGS ISO9001 international quality management standard. The Group’s service slogan is “Product Innovation, Continuous Quality Improvement, Customer Satisfaction”. It commits to provide lubrication solutions for industrial users in a one-stop platform of sales and technical services. Its products are getting increasingly popular in mainland industrial cities due to its stringent emphasis on product quality, dedicated after-sales services and important concern on the environment. From 1990s onwards, the Jaeger (HK) has become one of the designated material suppliers of HKSAR Government, proven to be renowned in the field.

The “Jaeger” brand products are produced in its own plant located in Guangzhou. Other brands are imported from Europe, USA and Japan.